For every shift that you volunteer at Eat Real Fest,
you’ll be entered to win one of several ERF SUPERFAN Raffle prizes, including…

Humphry Slocombe: Ice Cream Book + 3 Free Scoops

Humphry Slocombe was founded in 2008 in San Francisco’s Mission District with the goal of making unexpected, truly delicious ice cream and is now open in the East Bay at The Hive – 2335 Broadway, Oakland.

Curry Up Now: Free Entree Cards

Curry Up Now is not your average Indian fare. Think tikka masala burritos, deconstructed samosas and sexy fries. We take traditional Indian flavors and present them in a friendly, recognizable way. Our obsession is amazing tasting food, but we’re just as passionate about making sure our guests have an incredible experience the moment they walk through our doors or step in line at our food trucks.

Petit Pot: Totebag

Petit Pot is a French inspired, next level quality dessert company that specializes in traditional gourmet puddings called pot de creme, or pot of creme. Our pot de creme is a delightful and new-age blend of traditional French pastry practice and savory Californian taste buds. 

Clove & Hoof: Tote Bag & T-Shirt

Clove & Hoof is a Restaurant and Butcher Shop in Oakland that sources meat – beef, pork, lamb, chicken, rabbit and duck – that is 100% antibiotics and hormones free from handpicked ranches and farms where animals were raised using responsible and humane methods.

My Mom's Mole: Mole Pouches
7. My Mom's Mole

My Mom’s Mole is exceptionally versatile. Simply add it as a spice for a marinade or simmer it with your favorite stock to make mole sauce. Our refrigerated mole powder is traditional and authentic yet unique making it easy to incorporate into a variety of dishes.

The Rogue Traders: A Frenchy Tartlet

The Rogue Traders: Farm-to-city sustainable foods. Our Savor the Seasons Tartlets are frozen, savory & seasonal meals. The tartlets are a complete meal or can be a side dish to any meal. Made by hand and primarily from the produce we grow using organic and sustainable farming methods.

Company Confections: Box and Bars of Chocolate

Company Confections handcrafts luxury chocolates that are stylish and fun.

CaCoCo: Box of Drinking Chocolate

CACOCO is the purest form of cacao directly sourced from beyond-organic farms, that not only improve the health of the environment but produce a chocolate that showcases the finer nuances of well maintained soil and cultivation and highlight the terroir of the region.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

Lucky Dog‘s mission is to produce the most balanced, flavorful and versatile hot sauces possible, with emphasis on local sourcing.

Alameda Fruit Co: Jam Lover's Gift Pack

The Alameda Fruit Co. specializes in delicious homemade jams, jelly, and marmalade. Homegrown and homemade on our Island City with love. This gift pack comes with 2 jars + a T-shirt, wrapped up extra sweet and nice in our cute little tote.