For every shift that you volunteer at Eat Real Fest,
you’ll be entered to win one of several ERF SUPERFAN Raffle prizes, including…

Alma Superfoods: 2 shirts, 2 baseball hats, 4 nut butter

Alma Superfoods – Not your mamma’s nut butter. Well, unless your mamma’s Peruvian… and a master of combining ancient south american ingredients into beautiful nut spreads. We can’t quite decide which is our favorite. Lucky for you, you have the chance to win them all by volunteering at Eat Real 2018.

Chico Chai: 4 tins of chai

Chico Chai is a rare brew, one made entirely from whole, real ingredients, no flavorings or extracts. The organic spices are ground fresh, and combined with fair trade, organic Tea. The chai is micro-brewed, simmered slowly in small batches by hand. This local artisan tea has a unique taste, the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. Each batch is lightly sweetened with organic, unrefined sugar, using far less sugar than most mainstream chais.

Petit Pot: Totebag

Petit Pot is a French inspired, next level quality dessert company that specializes in traditional gourmet puddings called pot de creme, or pot of creme. Our pot de creme is a delightful and new-age blend of traditional French pastry practice and savory Californian taste buds. 

Salt Point Seaweed: Surf Snack: Seaweed + Seeds, California Wakame, California Kombu

Salt Point Seaweed – Inspired by the abundance and diversity of local California seaweed species and frustrated by the high carbon footprint of importing seaweed from halfway around the world, we started Salt Point Seaweed in Spring 2017. Named after a special place that embodies the pristine and rugged nature of the northern California coastline, our company is proud to offer the highest quality seaweed — from the ocean to your plate.

Oaktown Spice Shop: $25 Gift Certificate
oaktown spice

Oaktown Spice Shop – Oaktown Spice Shop is a joyful stop on the errand routine. Customers can step into a beautiful, nostalgic and aromatic world, smell their way through glass jars of spices, have a conversation about their next meal with the staff, and find inspiration for their cooking.  Our shops are located in Oakland, California’s Grand Lake neighborhood and on Solano Avenue in Albany, California.