Three Trees
Three Trees


Growing up, I used to go hiking with my grandmother who lived near forested mountains. She would pick parts of plants that were edible, and brew soothing teas with them. I learned about the health benefits of various roots, leaves, and seeds; and marveled at the the delicious taste of each one. This is where my love for natural, plant-based foods began.

I started with the vision of food that isn’t just delicious, but nourishing as well. Eating simple, wholesome foods without the additives used in modern day food-processing, is the best way to get all the nutrients nature intended for us. Nuts are one of nature’s purest forms of energy. Inside one little nut are all the protein, healthy fats, and micronutrients necessary to start a tree’s life. A cup of home-made nutmilk with high nut content is as comforting to the soul as it is satisfying to the tummy. So I set out to make the best nutmilks, starting with almondmilk.

At Three Trees, we are committed to helping people embrace more healthful, plant-based foods. We believe in using only simple, real food ingredients to make pure, delicious-tasting almondmilk. Unlike some watered-down almondmilks that get their texture and body from additives– the richness of ours comes simply from more almonds. That’s why we call ours ‘a true almondmilk.’ Our almondmilks taste indulgent, yet are truly healthful.


The name ‘Three Trees’ is an inspiration from the Chinese character for ‘forest.’ The forest is full of life and life-giving plants; being in the forest is soothing and uplifting to the soul. And, it’s where my grandmother gathered the ingredients for her healthful teas. This character ‘forest’ 「森」comprises three of the characters for ‘tree’ 「木」, hence Three Trees.

Jenny Eu, Founder