Crooked City Cider

Crooked City Cider is Oakland’s original cider; producing a variety of kick-ass craft ciders, currently available at select Oakland bars and restaurants and at our shared tasting room at 477 25th Street in Uptown Oakland. 

Our hand crafted ciders are produced in small batches in Uptown Oakland and contain no artificial flavorings or added sugars. They are all gluten free and produced without any animal products (vegan friendly!).  We start with fresh, unfiltered apple juice, pressed locally in Northern California.

We do not filter, add sulfites or pasteurize,  providing true cider flavors and a beautiful pour. Because of our small-batch and lack of filtering/additives, our ciders are consistently changing and may at times pour cloudy. Fear not, this is natural and part of the living components of our raw cider.

If you’re looking for a sessionable cider that you can drink like a beer, you’ve found it!