If you’re coming to the festival with an appetite, a curious mind, and an inclination to get your hands dirty in the process, consider one of our new Eat Real Festival Classroom experiences. These ticketed classes offer an up close look at some fantastic foods. Are you curious about cheese making? Have you ever wondered where a center cut pork chop or baby back ribs come from? Do you know the amazing effect malts have on the beer you drink? We even have a fermenting class where kids can learn too. Classes will be held during Saturday and Sunday festival hours. See below for more class information and follow the link to sign up, spaces are limited!


Stay tuned for more classes!


  • 1.45pm – Offal Wonderful Hog Demo: Join Llano Seco and The Local Butcher Shop for an up close and personal hog-themed edition of Offal Wonderful. Attendees will experience a live hog breakdown by The Local Butcher Shop’s Aaron Rocchino who will cover pasic pig anatomy and explain how to cook/craft tasty eats from head to tail.


  • 4pm -Taste + Talk: Admiral Maltings: Come taste and talk about California’s finest malts with Admiral Malting’s Head Maltster Curtis Devenport. If you’ve ever wondered about malts or why “Admiral” has been popping up in recent tap handle names, this session is for you! Attendees will learn how and where malts are sourced from, why floor malting is a lost art, and how the many nuances of malts affect the flavor of some of your favorite Bay Area beers. Speaking of your favorite Bay Area brews, side by side samples will complete the Malts 101 session.


  • 12pm – Fementing Rainbows: learn to ferment veggies with your kids: Learn to ferment vegetables that kids will love to eat! Probiotic, colorful finger food perfect to pack in school lunch or eat as a delicious, healthful snack. Your child will learn what fermentation is, why it’s good for you and how to do it at home in a mason jar. Sample some tasty fermented vegetables during class and leave with your own jar of veggies to ferment at home!


  • 1.45pm -Feed Your Gut and Boost Your Mood with Fermented Blackberry Lemon Tartlets: Ever wonder if there was a connection between digestive health and your mood? More and more scientific evidence demonstrates that good gut health promotes mental well-being; inspired by this research, Bauman College student, Jessica Coulombe, has created a recipe for after-dinner treats, Fermented Blackberry Lemon Tartlets. This class will discuss the connection between gut and mood connection, and the benefits of fermented foods. Attendees make fermented blackberries to take home with them and sample the tartlets they’ll be able to make at home.


  • 3.30pm – Ricotta and Chèvre: make your own cheese: Get the biggest bang for your cheesemaking buck with these two cheeses that are so easy to make at home and simple to fit into a busy schedule. With only 10 minutes of active time, both of these cheeses will impress your friends with minimal effort on your part. This class will include a partially hands-on demonstration as well as plenty of delicious sampling! You’ll never buy these two cheeses from the store again


  • 5.15pm – Tea Leaf Salad: join Grocery Cafe and learn how to make this beloved Burmese salad: Love Grocery Cafe’s tea leaf salad and wish you could eat it all the time? Join chef and owner William Lue as he takes the ERF Classroom on a culinary tour of Burma and teaches how to make the famed Burmese salad. Chef Lue will serve up stories about Burmese cuisine while presenting the aromatic and textured elements of Grocery Cafe’s fermented tea leaf salad. Attendees will leave with a jar of their own salad and the know-how to produce it in their own home kitchens.

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